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On the 18th of December 2017 the eligibility statement for persons wanting to apply for a Personal Water Craft (PWC) endorsement will change.

When the change occurs the eligability statement will be changed to include the following statment:

"Persons aged under 16 years of age are not eligible to obtain a personal watercraft endorsement"

The master of a PWC must hold a marine licence with a PWCendorsement. You must carry this licence at all times when
you are the master of a PWC.

Supervised operation
An unlicensed person may operate a PWC under the direct supervision of a person who is:
a) over the age of 18 years
b) licensed with a PWC endorsement
c) on board the PWC in a position where they are able to take immediate control of the vessel.

Persons under 16 will no longer be issued with a PWC endorsement on their restricted marine licence but can
operate under supervision as per the conditions above.
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You can download the Maritime Safety Victoria Personal Water Craft Brochure Here

Please read the "Frequently Asked Questions" from Maritime Safety Victoria below

Changes in eligibility to obtain a personal watercraft endorsement for persons aged under 16

October 2017                         



I am under 16 years old and I currently have a PWC endorsement on my licence. Is it still valid?

Yes. Existing endorsements will remain valid.

When will the changes come into effect

TBC, FAQ to be included on TSV website and provided to VicRoads and ATPs once change confirmed

Can I take the course for a PWC endorsement with a training provider before I turn 16?

Yes. If you are aged 15 years you can do the course and take the test.  Depending on your age, there will be a window of opportunity for you to obtain your endorsed licence on or after your 16th birthday and before the expiry date of the Certificate of Attainment (valid for 12 months).

Can I take the PWC endorsement test at VicRoads before I turn 16?

No – the VicRoads system will not allow anyone under 16 years of age to take the PWC endorsement test

How does this affect supervised operation of a personal watercraft?

It does not affect supervised operation. An unlicensed person can operate a personal watercraft subject to these conditions: The supervising person must be aged over eighteen years and have a general marine licence. The supervisor must be in a position from which they can take immediate control of the personal watercraft.


What if an endorsed licence is issued to me in error when I am aged under 16 years?

The licence will be re-issued with the PWC endorsement removed, and the endorsement fee refunded in full, as the endorsement is void. If you no longer require a licence (that is, the only reason for obtaining it was to operate a personal watercraft) then the regulations provide for a pro-rata refund of the licence fee upon surrender of the licence.

What happens if a person aged under 16 has a Certificate of Attainment from a training provider, including PWC endorsement test and the certificate is dated before the implementation of the legislation, but is presented afterwards?

An endorsement will not be issued. A marine licence will be issued if required.

Note: if the person will turn 16 within the validity period of the Certificate of Attainment then they can apply for the endorsement after their 16th birthday, but before the Certificate of Attainment (valid for 12 months) expires. 


Will a PWC endorsement be automatically issued to me when I turn 16?

No. You will have to apply when you become eligible.

What if a person aged under 16 has booked and paid for a course with an accredited training provider and subsequently becomes aware of their ineligibility for a PWC endorsement?

Check with the training provider as soon as you become aware of this. It will depend on their cancellation and refund policy.


What if a person aged under 16 has been issued with a 1 or 3 year licence with a PWC endorsement, and it expires while they are still aged under 16 years?

All existing licences with endorsements can be renewed, including the endorsement.


What if the holder of an endorsed licence surrenders their licence, and then make a fresh application while still aged under 16 years?

Any fresh application would result in a  new licence being issued, so the applicant would be treated as a new applicant and will not be issued with an endorsement.


What if a new applicant aged under 16 applies for a Victorian marine licence and presents a licence issued in another jurisdiction (Australian state or territory) which allows for PWC operation?

The applicant would be treated as a new applicant and will not be issued with an endorsement. Licences are not transferred from other jurisdictions – they are just used to demonstrate attainment, in the same way as certificates from Accredited Training Providers.

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